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an opinoin or belief
a) religion b) challenge c) hersey d) optimistic
to put someone or something in danger
a) endangerment b) torment c) reckless d) rogue
an unpleasant situation that is hard to get out of
a) objective b) misinform c) prediction d) predicament
any abnormal means of obtaining sexual satisfaction
a) perversion b) lust c) orignal d) remaining
having intense sexual desire
a) intervention b) love c) lust d) truism
an indirect reference to something rude or unpleasent
a) perverted b) harsh c) innuendo d) culpable
punishment inflicted or retribution enacted for an injury or wrong
a) urban b) vengeance c) torture d) characters
someone who lives in a city
a) city livers b) country dweller c) folk people d) urban dweller
to give false or inaccurate information
a) truism b) discourse c) vulnerability d) misinform
onjective; fair and just
a) fantasy b) impartial c) partial d) realistic
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