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What term is used to describe an organism that makes its own food
a) decomposer b) omnivore c) consumer d) producer
What is the process of breaking food down to yield energy called?
a) autotropism b) nitrogen fixation c) photosynthesis d) cellular respiration
What type of organisms get their energy by eating other organisms?
a) producers b) only decomposers c) only carnivores d) consumers
What is used to show the many feeding relationships in an ecosystem?
a) food chains b) food webs c) trophic levels d) nutrient cycling diagram
Which organism is likely to be in the bottom trophic level in a food chain?
a) leopard seal b) killer whale c) small shrimp called krill d) alga
What type of organisms eat both producers and consumers?
a) carnivore b) decomposers c) omnivore d) decomposers
Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide b) water c) fixed nitrogen d) carbohydrates
Which of the follwing statements is not true about consumers?
a) they get energy indirectly from the sun b) they sometimes eat other consumers c) they use chemical reactions to make their own food d) they are called heterotrophs
Which of the following is correctly arranged from lowest to highest trophic level?
a) bacteria, eagle, frog, mushroom b) grass, bass, minnow, snake c) grass, mouse, snake, eagle d) algae, deer, hawk, bacteria
What is the source of energy for some deep sea communities?
a) the chemical, hydrogen sulfide b) the sun c) fixed nitrogen d) carbon sinks
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