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someone who publically pretends to have skills they dont
a) skillmaster b) artison c) quack d) shopkeep
to cause someone or something to be in a specified condition
a) beat b) torture c) render d) redner
mysterious, puzzling
a) mock b) cryptic c) devised d) seer
to attack or ridicule by mimicry of action or speech
a) pizza b) peasent c) annoy d) mock
born in a particular place
a) native b) indian c) american d) rash
searching around blindly
a) spurred b) confirmed c) leveled d) groping
a) betrayed b) endeared c) sowed d) reproach
a) wga b) brutality c) spurred d) rash
a person who explains the meaning of something
a) mock b) smart c) interpreter d) betrayed
to make certain or absolutely clear
a) certain b) ascertain c) leveled d) rash
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