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a person or group that gives help to another person or group
a) ally b) foe c) expel d) correct
very unhappy or very bad or unpleasent
a) oath b) patched c) wretched d) prophet
to have sent
a) crime b) true c) patched d) dispatched
to drive out or force away
a) barn b) expel c) fume d) let in
done according to a long continued practice
a) bogus b) customary c) wrong 1 d) wrong 2
to show fretful irritation or anger
a) exiles b) alas c) fume d) seer
acted or worked together to plan something evil
a) bank robbery b) false c) ignorant d) conspired
lacking of knowledge or awareness
a) render b) ignorant c) cryptic d) riddle
doomed ill-fated
a) accursed b) quack c) mock d) nuked
not genuine
a) quack b) render c) bogus d) real
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