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someone who buys and uses goods and services
a) consumer b) producer c) needs d) services
someone who makes goods or provides services
a) producer b) consumer c) needs d) wants
What is an example of service?
a) doctor b) pencil c) chair d) table
What is an example of a good?
a) pencil b) teacher c) doctor d) chef
What is an example of a want?
a) cell phone b) water c) food d) house (shelter)
Which is an example of a need?
a) food b) phone c) book d) pencil
something you have to have to survive (live)
a) need b) want c) consumer d) economy
something you would like to have but do not need
a) want b) need c) producer d) consumer
Something a person does for someone else, an activity that fulfills a need or want
a) service b) consumption c) goods d) needs
something someone makes, buys or uses
a) goods b) service c) need d) consumption
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