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Worshipping a false god
a) idoltary b) adulterate c) garish d) diadem
A queen might wear one of these...
a) garish b) sedition c) diadem d) adulterate
Look out the window and you may see a __________scene.
a) onus b) bucolic c) diadem d) sedition
Spring flowers carry a _________odor.
a) redolent b) sedition c) delineate d) bucolic
Your thanks isn't necessary; it is a __________action.
a) delineate b) redolent c) gratuitous d) bucolic
If you graduate and don't find a job, you may live a __________life.
a) sedition b) gratuitous c) impecunious d) immutable
The fact that school will come to an end is___________.
a) impecunious b) immutable c) redolent d) garish
Don't _________ by paper with bad citations.
a) adulterate b) gratuitous c) garish d) onus
A good word to describe school towards the end of the year :)
a) garish b) adulterate c) onus d) diadem
Please listen to these...people may be trying to help you.
a) onus b) sedition c) caveat d) impious
The prefix in this word helps us to understand its meaning- because it means not
a) sedition b) emanate c) adulterate d) impious
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