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to blame for something wrong
a) accuse b) intent c) restless d) beam
taking care to avoid trouble; carefully
a) shudder b) cautiously c) hesitant d) impolite
a soft or quiet laugh
a) restless b) quantity c) chuckle d) sobbed
very large
a) small b) massive c) shift d) chuckle
uncertain or in doubt
a) impolite b) chuckle c) beam d) hesitant
amount or number
a) quantity b) massive c) shudder d) accuse
to tremble or give a sudden shiver
a) sobbed b) intent c) shudder d) shift
cried hard with great emotion
a) beam b) sobbed c) chuckle d) accuse
highly concentrated in attention; focused
a) quantity b) cautiously c) impolite d) intent
in constant motion
a) restless b) cautious c) shudder d) sobbed
not polite; rude
a) impolite b) cautious c) shudder d) beam
to move; change the position of
a) shift b) intent c) beam d) impolite
smile widely or happily
a) beam b) massive c) accuse d) hesitant
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