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Plans that guide our relationship with other countries
a) Treaties b) Foreign Policy c) d)
Organization of government departments, agencies, and offices
a) Bureaucracy b) Cabinet c) d)
Plans for dealing with the nations problems
a) Domestic Policy b) Foreign Policy c) d)
Agreements with other countries not requiring Senate approval
a) Treaties b) Executive Agreements c) d)
Important group of policy advisors
a) Ambassadors b) Cabinet c) d)
Official representatives to other countries
a) Bureaucracy b) Ambassadors c) d)
Part of government that can carry out laws
a) Executive Branch b) Legislative Branch c) d)
Presenting the State of the Union to congress shows the President's
a) role as ambassador b) legislative powers c) d)
Which is an example of the president's judicial power
a) creating foreign policy b) choosing a supreme court justice c) d)
Which power was created by traditions
a) Serving as leader of his political party b) acting as Commander in Chief c) d)
A President can
a) carry out laws b) make laws c) d)
Which executive department carries out foreign policy
a) Department of Labor b) Department of State c) d)
U.S. post office is an example of a
a) government corporation b) executive agency c) d)
Department of Homeland Security was created
a) after terrorist attacks in 2001 b) during the cold war c) d)
Who is the most important representative to other nations?
a) President b) Vice President c) d)
The President needs approval from congress in order to
a) appoint a Supreme Court Justice b) speak to other countries c) d)
Which is an advantage of Presidents being able to act on their own?
a) They can avoid the separation of powers b) They can act quickly in a crisis c) d)
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