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a) Bully b) Labeling c) d)
An agreement or outcome that gives each party something it wants.
a) Win-win solution b) Conflict Resolution c) Compromise d)
Someone who picks on individuals who are smaller or weaker.
a) Bully b) Labeling c) d)
Punishment, injury, or insult to the person seen as the cause of the strong emotion.
a) Mob Mentality b) Revenge c) d)
Acting or behaving in a certain and often negative manner because others are doing it.
a) Mob Mentality b) Revenge c) d)
A negative and unjustly formed opinion, usually against people of a different racial, religious, or cultural group.
a) Labeling b) Prejudice c) d)
A process in which a third person, a mediator, helps those in conflict find a solution.
a) Bully b) Mediation c) d)
Solving a disagreement in a way that satisfies both sides.
a) Compromise b) Conflict Resolution c) d)
A disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, ideas, or goals.
a) Conflict b) Revenge c) d)
An arrangement in which each side gives up something to reach a satisfactory solution.
a) Compromise b) Conflict Resolution c) d)
A group whose members often use violence or take part in criminal activity.
a) Gang b) Drug Trafficking c) d)
A policy that makes no exceptions for anybody for any reason.
a) Zero Tolerance Policy b) Harassment c) d)
The physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of one person by another.
a) Harassment b) Abuse c) d)
Any behavior that causes physical or psychological harm to a person or damage to property.
a) Abuse b) Violence c) d)
Pattern of repeating abuse from one generation to the next.
a) Cycle of Abuse b) Harassment c) d)
The buying or selling of drugs
a) Drug Trafficking b) Gang c) d)
A toll-free telephone service where abuse victims can get help and information.
a) Crisis Hot Line b) Zero Tolerance Policy c) d)
Any individual who suffers injury, loss, or death due to violence
a) Victim b) Gang c) d)
Ongoing conduct that offends another person by criticizing his or her race, color, religion, physical disability, or gender.
a) Harassment b) Sexual Harassment c) d)
Uninvited and unwelcome sexual conduct directed at another person.
a) Harassment b) Sexual Harassment c) d)
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