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How are marine biomes different from one another?
a) Their temperatures and depths differ. b) Some contain freshwater and other contain salt water. c) The latitude at which they are found differs. d)
Which of the following biomes is the home to clams and crabs?
a) Stream b) Pond c) Coastal d) Swamp
Which of the following is an example of an estuary?
a) Wetlands b) River c) Stream d) Lake
Coral reefs can be found in which of the following biomes?
a) Freshwater b) Estuaries c) Coastal d) Deep ocean
Why are coastal waters warmer than the deep ocean?
a) The thermal vents keep the coast warm. b) Energy from sunlight can penetrate the water and warm it up. c) The deep ocean is full of icebergs. d) Coastal waters aren't warmer than the deep ocean.
Which of the following organisms can be found in the dark deep ocean?
a) Phytoplankton b) Seaweed c) Coral reef d) Tubeworms
Which marine biome is home to fish and phytoplankton?
a) Coastal b) Open Ocean c) Deep Ocean d) River
Which of the following would contain a mix of salt and fresh water?
a) Estuary b) Meadow c) Stream d) Geyser
Which aquatic biome contains standing fresh water?
a) River b) Stream c) Estuary d) Pond
Which of the following freshwater biomes has a current?
a) Open ocean b) Pond c) Stream d) Lake
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