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Ghana, Mali, and Songhai became powerful empires in West Africa because of -
a) fishing b) shipbuilding c) trade d) technology
Which European country traded manufactured goods from Europe to kingdoms in West Africa?
a) England b) France c) Portugal d) Italy
Which of these countries was NOT a powerful trading empire in West Africa?
a) Ghana b) Mali c) Egypt d) Songhai
Which European country traded metal, cloth, and manufactured goods for gold and salt in West Africa?
a) Portugal b) France c) Spain d) England
Which of there products was traded between Europe and West Africa?
a) sugar b) corn c) tobacco d) cloth
The empires in West Africa were located near which river?
a) Nile River b) Mississippi River c) Niger River d) Thames River
The West African empires in power from 300 to 1600 A.D. came to power from first to last in which order?
a) Egypt, Ghana, and Mali b) Ghana, Mali, and Songhai c) Songhai, Ghana, and Mali d) Mali, Egypt, and Nairobi
Which of the following European countries did not explore North America?
a) Spain b) France c) England d) Portugal
Portugal traded all of the following with West African empires except -
a) horses b) manufactured goods c) metals d) cloth
What did the West African empires use to trade for European goods?
a) Dollars b) Lumber and Slaves c) Gold and Salt d) Wheat and Figs
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