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A formal request
a) double jeopardy b) petition c) indict d) draft
the government's power to take citizens private property for public use
a) search warrant b) petition c) indict d) eminent domain
the just and fair application of the law to an accused person's case
a) due process b) indict c) eminent domain d) suffrage
limited by law to a certain amount per household
a) suffrage b) draft c) due process d) rationed
a legal document that describes the place to be searched and the persons and/or things to be seized
a) eminent domain b) search warrant c) due process d) double jeopardy
the right to vote
a) suffrage b) indict c) rationed d) draft
trying a person a second time for the same crime
a) eminent domain b) suffrage c) draft d) double jeopardy
the requirement of men meeting qualifications to serve in the military
a) draft b) petition c) indict d) suffrage
the rights guaranteed to all citizens
a) draft b) petition c) due process d) civil rights
to formally accuse of a crime
a) petition b) indict c) draft d) due process
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