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What must a growing child need to eat most?
a) Carbohydrates b) meat c) sweets d) fats and oil
What sickness might you have of you will not eat food rich in Vitamin A ?
a) Scurvy b) Rickets c) Beriberi d) Night blindness
What can be avoided if you eat food rich in Vitamin C?
a) Night blindness b) Obesity c) Rickets d) Scurvy
Which is a healthy snack?
a) Fruits and water b) Chips and juice c) Bread and soft drinks d) Doughnut and coffee
Dinah is suffering from gum and nose bleeding. What mineral does she lack ?
a) Potassium b) Iron c) Iodine d) Calcium
Which should you eat most?
a) Food rich fats and sugar b) Rice and root cups c) Bean meat and dried beans d) Bread, fruits and vegetables
Which is rich in Vitamin A?
a) Bread b) Camote c) Orange d) Carrot
How can you avoid obesity?
a) Eat more sweets. b) Sleep 10-12 hours every day c) Eat more salty and fatty foods. d) Exercise daily
Why do you need to follow the nutritional guidelines?
a) To look beautiful b) To stay healthy c) To get good grades d) To impress other people
Which does NOT follow the nutritional guidelines?
a) Do regular physical activities b) Follow the Food Guide Pyramid c) Sleep 5-6 hours every day d) Drink milk every day
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