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What is the title of a lesson plan?
a) Belling the cat b) The careless clown c) The little red hen d) Tucker turtle
What kind of animal is in the story?
a) Dog b) Cat c) Hen d) Turtle
Who is the Author of the story?
a) Dinah C. Bonao b) Esperanza Diaz Cruz c) Roderick Aguirre d) Ruth Krauss
Who was the enemy of the three mice?
a) Cat b) Pat c) Cat the Pat d) Pat the Cat
What kind of cat was Pat?
a) A killing Cat b) A happy Cat c) A hungry Cat d) A watchful Cat
Why was the Pat the Cat their enemy?
a) Because the Cat watched them to kill b) Because the Cat watched them to play c) Because the Cat watched them not look for tasty food to eat d) Because the Cat watched to eat them
What was the mice’s problem?
a) They can’t sleep b) They can’t go out from their small hole c) They can’t play outside the small hole d) They can’t see the Cat
What do you think the three mice will do to solve the problem?
a) They call for a meeting b) They call for a play c) They call for a tasty food d) They call for a Pat the Cat
Who called for a meeting?
a) First Mouse b) Second Mouse c) Third Mouse d) Pat the Cat  
Who agreed on the First plan?
a) First Mouse b) Second Mouse c) Third Mouse d) Pat the Cat  
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