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a lack of courage
a) scoff b) turmoil c) warmonger d) cowardice
An order with the same authority as a law
a) decree b) flattery c) infinity d) intones
a) infinity b) ferocity c) nonchalantly d) sacrilege
without end
a) judgement b) obscure c) infinity d) scoff
To speak in a chanting tone
a) cowardice b) ferocity c) infinity d) intones
to make a determination
a) judgement b) warmonger c) turmoil d) taunts
a) scoff b) nonchalantly c) vigorously d) intones
A false compliment
a) sacrilege b) decree c) flattery d) infinity
Unclear, Vague
a) ferocity b) intones c) judgement d) obscure
To misuse something sacred
a) sacrilege b) taunts c) obscure d) flattery
showing contempt
a) turmoil b) scoff c) infinity d) decree
to jeer
a) sacrilege b) flattery c) taunts d) turmoil
a) judgement b) flattery c) decree d) turmoil
To act energetically
a) vigorously b) monchalantly c) decree d) cowardice
Someone who wants war
a) infinity b) warmonger c) intones d) flattery
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