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Which of these would have a KEYBOARD?
a) piano b) skateboard c) paintbrushes d) baseball field
Who would practice BALLET?
a) singer b) ballerina c) author d) painter
What is a JOEY?
a) baby kangaroo b) tiny mouse c) clown who juggles d) a baby robin
What is a FAWN related to?
a) deer b) fox c) whale d) tiger
What is a CYGNET?
a) a baby horse b) a butterfly c) fancy name for tadpole d) baby swan
Which of these is not a CALF?
a) baby rabbit b) baby cow c) baby whale d) baby elephant
What would you most likely do in the GALLEY of a boat?
a) fix dinner and eat it b) read the maps c) steer the boat d) take a nap
Which of these animals would BLEAT?
a) goat b) horse c) pig d) whale
In which activity would you be the most INACTIVE?
a) playing volleyball with your friends b) taking a short nap after school c) reading a book to a group of classmates d) eating lunch with your friends
Whih word means NOT ABLE TO BE SEEN?
a) dangerous b) invisible c) thoughtful d) hungry
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