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large area of level land
a) forest b) oasis c) plains d) highway
narrative writing, literature, worthwhile body of work
a) literary text b) text c) literary d) narrative
theme or focus
a) route b) central idea c) focused d) idea
pictue, a visual depiction of something
a) image b) show c) represent d) Representation
to decide something
a) choose b) decide c) Determine d) route
a possible situation, an imagined sequence of events
a) image b) scenario c) focus d) verb
the choice of roads taken to get to a certain place
a) route b) direction c) highway d) All of the above
to support protectively
a) hold b) cradle c) support d) protect
to study something closely
a) study b) Watch c) Analyze d) Bush
to change and grow
a) develop b) change c) metamorphis d) undeveloped
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