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a long poem about heroic deeds
a) fable b) myth c) epic d) oracle
a short tale that teaches a lesson
a) fable b) myth c) epic d) Mount Olympus
a priest or priestess who could tell the future
a) fable b) myth c) oracle d) Mount Olympus
a traditional story about gods and goddesses
a) fable b) myth c) epic d) oracle
the highest mountain in Greece, home to the gods
a) fable b) epic c) oracle d) Mount Olympus
Through mythology, the Greek people expressed their
a) religious beliefs b) love of poetry c) love of sport d) political beliefs
This Greek poet wrote may poems about heroic deeds, including the Iliad.
a) Aesop b) Odysseus c) Croesus d) Homer
What two types of drama did Greeks perform as part of their religious festivals?
a) comedy and tragedy b) myth and fable c) epic and tragedy d) comedy and myth
What was the name of the Greek slave that made up many fables?
a) Odysseus b) Aesop c) Homer d) Percy
The three types of columns used in ancient Greece were Doric, Ionic, and what?
a) Athenian b) Parthenon c) Corinthian d) Gregoric
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