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In an arch bridge, the compressive stress the load creates is spread over the _____________.
a) on the bottom only b) the arch as a whole c) on the top only d) in the middle
A material undergoing a stretching force is subject to _______________.
a) torque b) shear c) compression d) tension
A material undergoing a squeezing force is subject to ________________.
a) torque b) shear c) compression d) tension
a load that is changing
a) static b) dynamic c) stay d) dead
a center support under a bridge
a) abutment b) stay c) pier d) truss
the weight of force acting on a structure
a) pier b) stay c) load d) abutment
a load that is unchanging
a) static b) dynamic c) stay d) live
a beam in tension
a) strut b) tie c) stay d) truss
a beam in compression
a) truss b) tie c) strut d) stay
As a bridge material, concrete is _________ compression, and __________ under tension.
a) strong, strong b) weak, weak c) weak, strong d) strong, weak
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