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This body system circulates blood through the body, picking up oxygen transporting it from the lungs to other parts of the body.
a) Respiratory system b) Nervous system c) Circulatory system d) Digestive system
This organ is the largest organ in the body that also helps protect
a) Lungs b) Skin c) Heart d) Bones
This organ helps regulate the amount of sugar in the blood by breaking down sugars and starches.
a) Stomach b) Large intestine c) Small intestine d) Panaceas
This organ on our body is similar to the bark on a tree.
a) Skelton b) Spinal cord c) Skin d) Muscles
Which of the following is not an organ in the digestive system?
a) Lungs b) Small intestine c) Liver d) Pancreas
What human organ system is similar to a daisy stem?
a) Vein b) Respiratory system c) skeletal system d) Digestive system
What organ system includes the lungs and diaphragm?
a) Circulatory system b) Digestive system c) Respiratory system d) Nervous system
A muscle that you don’t think about to move, making up organs such as stomach and heart.
a) Voluntary muscles b) Involuntary muscles c) Contracting d) Relaxing
What makes up your sensory organs?
a) Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin b) Brain c) See, hear, smell, taste, and feel d) Nerves
Muscles that help bones move by working in pairs to contract and relax.
a) Voluntary muscles b) Involuntary muscles c) Contracting d) Relaxing
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