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If you have a mass of 80 grams and a weight of 200 lbs. What would happen to your weight and mass if you were on the moon
a) Your mass and weight would both increase b) Your mass would stay the same, but your weight would decrease c) Your mass and weight would both decrease d) Your weight would increase, but your mass would stay the same
A force is defined as
a) Anything moving b) A motion in a direction c) A kick or a punch d) A push or a pull
What can generally be defined as a change in position?
a) Motion b) Mass c) Volume d) Force
Albert lives 1/2 mile from school. When he is late, he runs all the way there. It takes him 3.9 minutes to get from his house to the school. At what speed does Albert run?
a) 0.078 mi/min b) 0.13 mi/min c) 1.2 mi/min d) 1.3 mi/min
What describes botht eh speed of an object and the direction in which it is traveling?
a) Momentum b) Mass c) Velocity d) Speed
If a car traveled 200 km in 2 hours. What would be the cars speed?
a) 0.01 b) 0.01 km/hr c) 100 d) 100 km/hr
Direction is the path along which something is moving. Direction can be described using words, such as:
a) up or down b) left or right c) north, south, east, or west d) all of these
What is the formula to find the speed of an object?
a) Speed = time/distance b) Speed = distance/time c) Speed = base x height d) There is no formula to find the speed of an object
What is the direction and distance the object is from a point of reference?
a) Position b) Direction c) Motion d) Movement
What is the sum of all the unbalanced forces on an object?
a) Velocity b) Net Force c) Momentum d) Speed
What are forces that cancel each other out because they are equal in strength and opposite in direction?
a) Balanced b) Unbalanced c) Independent variable d) Dependent variable
What is acceleration?
a) A decrease in the rate or speed of something b) A push or a pull c) An increase in the rate or speed of something d) When you increase the size of something
What is Mass?
a) The weight of an object b) Everything c) A triple beam balance d) The amount of matter in an object
Force = Mass x Acceleration, when you increase the weight of an object what happens to its rate of acceleration
a) The acceleration stays the same b) The acceleration decreases c) The acceleration increase d) The acceleration increase and then decreases
If an object has 20 Newton's of force pushing it up, but 40 Newton's of force pulling it down. What direction is the object moving?
a) The object is moving up b) The object is moving down c) The object is staying at rest d) The object is moving to the right
A person is pushing a shopping cart with 10N of force to the right, but friction is acting on it with a force of 2N to the left. What is the amount and direction of the net force?
a) 8 Newton's and it is moving to the right b) 2 Newton's and it is moving to the left c) 8 Newton's and it is moving to the left d) 12 Newton's and it is moving to the right
Which of the following is a force that acts only in direct contact?
a) electricity b) Magnetism c) Gravity d) Friction
You are biking to the park. you travel 100 km in the first 2 hours. During the next 2 hours, you travel 50 kilometers. What was your average speed?
a) 37.5 km/hr b) 37.5 kilometers c) 50 km/hr d) 25 km/hr
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