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What are the names of the three domains?
a) Eukarya, Protist, Fungi b) Fungi, Protists, Animal c) Eukarya, Bacteria, Archaea d) Eukarya, Bacteria, Animal
What are the name of the 6 Kingdoms
a) Protists, Fungi, Eukarya, Plant, Animal, Bacteria b) Protist, Fungi, Plant, Animal, Bacteria, Archaea c) Animal, Eukarya, Archaea, Bacteria, Fungi d) Plant, Animal, Eukarya, Archaea, Protists, Fungi
What are the characteristics of a Prokaryote?
a) Nucleus, multicellular, heterotroph b) No nucleus, unicellular, both heterotroph and autotroph c) No nucleus, multicellular, autotroph d) Nucleus, unicellular, autroph and heterotroph
Which Domains are prokaryotes?
a) Archaea and Bacteria b) Plants and Protists c) Protists and Bacteria d) Eukarya and Archaea
What are the characteristics of a Eukaryote?
a) Nucleus, multicellular, heterotroph and autotroph b) No nucleus, unicellular, both heterotroph and autotroph c) No nucleus, multicellular, hetertroph and autotroph d) Nucleus, unicellular, autotroph and heterotroph
Which Domain is Eukaryote
a) Archaea b) Bacteria c) Animal d) Eukarya
How do Prokaryotes differ from Eukaryotes?
a) Prokaryotes are multicellular and Eukaryotes are unicellular b) Prokaryotes do not have a nucleus, Eukaryotes have a nucleus c) Prokaryotes have a nucleus, Eukaryotes do not have a nucleus d) Prokaryotes are only heterotrophs and Eukaryotes are only autotrophs
What are the Kingdoms in the Eukarya Domain?
a) Plant, Bacteria, Protist, Fungi b) Plant, Animal, Archaea, Protists c) Plant, Animal, Protists, Fungi d) Plant, Fungi, Archaea, Bacteria
Which Domain contains all living things with a nucleus?
a) Bacteria b) Archaea c) Eukarya d) Animal
Which Kingdom is called the odds and ends Kingdom?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Protists d) Fungi
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