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What were the weights and scales used for?
a) a fortress b) weighing grain c) window screens d)
What are physical features?
a) aspects of land suc as mountains, deserts, and rivers b) a tool to weigh grain c) one of the first settlements of India d)
What was the Indus-Sarasvati civilization?s of India
a) a place to store grain b) a strong wind c) an ancient society of people who settled in the river valley d)
What was Mohenjodaro?
a) One of the first settlements of India b) a place to store grain c) A huge mass of ice d)
What is a sewer system?
a) Mountains, deserts, rivers b) Tool to weigh grain c) a network of pipes to dispose of waste water d)
What is a subcontinent?
a) A landmass smaller than a continent b) a fortress c) a network of pipes d)
What is a granary?
a) A strong wind b) A landmass c) A place to store grain d)
What is a plateau?
a) A flat elevated area of land b) A place to store grain c) A fortress d)
What is a monsoon?
a) A flat area of land b) A place to store grain c) A strong wind that brings rain d)
What is a glacier?
a) A fortress b) A huge mass of ice c) A network of pipes d)
What is a citadel?
a) A place to store grain b) A fortress c) A landmass d)
Mohenjodaro's wall protected them from:
a) wind b) waste water c) enemies d)
What was the Great Bath used for?
a) a place to store grain b) bathing and religious rituals c) moving things d)
Mohenjodaro had the first...
a) granary b) sewer system c) plateau d)
Himalayan mountains protect India from...
a) enemies b) earthquakes c) trade d)
Mohenjo was planned...
a) with wheeled carts b) with workshops c) with houses arranged in blocks d)
Theories for why Mohenjodaro disappeared:
a) Invaders, floods, earthquakes b) river, iron, bath c) d)
Toys and jewelry were found that shows...
a) the people were trading b) the people were funny c) the people had time to make pretty things d)
Homes had from 1 to a dozen rooms which shows...
a) some people were wealthier than others b) some people had indoor bathrooms c) some families had grandparents living with them d)
Most of Mohenjodaro's people lived in the...
a) citadel b) tall tower c) lower city d)
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