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This part of a cell is ONLY found in plant cells, is a rigid layer that surrounds plant cells
a) Cell Wall b) Cell membrane c) Nucleus d) Golgi
This organelle surrounds all cells, controls what enters and leaves the cell
a) nucleus b) Golgi c) Vacuoles d) cell membrane
The cell's control center -cell brain-
a) Golgi b) Nucleus c) Cell membrane d) Endoplasmic Reticulum
The little nucleus found inside the nucleus, responsible for making ribosomes.
a) nucleolus b) mitochondria c) cell wall d) lysosomes
The small organelles that make proteins for cells
a) golgi b) ribosomes c) cytoplasm d) mitochondria
Carries out cell respiration/ makes energy for cells- the powerhouse-
a) golgi b) nucleus c) mitochondria d) cytoplasm
The transportation system for cells, also makes different substances for cells
a) golgi b) endoplasmic reticulum c) mitochondria d) chloroplasts
Packages proteins that are being sent to other parts of the cell or shipped outside the cell- the post office-
a) golgi b) mitochondria c) lysosome d) cytoplasm
The storage sac found in cells, big in plants, small in animals
a) chloroplasts b) lysosomes c) vacuoles d) golgi
Carries out photosystem, found only in plant cells
a) chloroplasts b) mitochondria c) lysosomes d) cytoplasm
Caries out digestion in a cell, similar to a stomach for the cell
a) golgi b) vacuoles c) lysosomes d) cytoplasm
The liquid portion found in all cells, filling the cells
a) nucleoplasm b) cell membrane c) vacuoles d) cytoplasm
Which of the following would be found in ALL Cells
a) mitochondria b) chloroplasts c) 1 large vacuole d) cell walls
Which of the following is only found in plant cells
a) cell walls b) chloroplasts c) 1 large vacuole d) all of these are found only in plants
The maintenance of a stable, healthy internal state is known as... from 10-3
a) homeostasis b) photosynthesis c) ribosynthesis d) virchowstasis
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