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A form of organization which involves lots of levels and hierarchy, with officials at the top having the most power
a) bureaucracy b) bicameral c) levy d) ambassador
two houses
a) impeach b) revenue c) levy d) bicameral
to investigate for wrongdoing
a) bicameral b) levy c) impeach d) veto
a) contributions b) revenue c) levy d) execute
to forcefully add (usually add taxes)
a) levy b) revenue c) impeach d) bicameral
a) execute b) veto c) cabinet d) interpret
to reject
a) execute b) levy c) veto d) interpret
a person who officially represents their home government in a foreign country
a) cabinet b) ambassador/diplomat c) bureaucracy d) bicameral
the President's advisors
a) interpret b) bureaucracy c) veto d) cabinet
to explain the meaning of something
a) interpret b) levy c) execute d) impeach
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