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Polytheism is best defined as
a) Belief in more than one god b) Belief in one god c) Belief in no gods d) Belief in the Trinity
Which is NOT an example of Monotheism
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Hindu d) Christianity
This religion is based on the teachings of one scholar who focused on improving society and believed people should treat one another humanely.
a) Daoism b) Judaism c) Confucianism d) Zoroastrianism
Religion that focused on retreat from man's laws and yielding to the laws of nature
a) Daoism b) Judaism c) Confucianism d) Christianity
South Asia consists of how many countries?
a) 5 b) 7 c) 10 d) 20
The Himalaya mountains were formed:
a) from volcanic eruptions b) when the subcontinent collided with Asia c) as the subcontinent broke away from Africa d) none of these
Hindus hold which of the following physical characteristics sacred?
a) Goree Island b) Indus River c) Ganges River d) Tigris River
Which physical characteristic separates South Asia from the rest of Asia
a) Himalauas b) Northern Ghats c) Deccan Plateau d) Western Ghats
The tallest mountain in the World
a) Mount Everest b) Mount Evans c) Shavano Peak d) Longs Peak
Where is Mount Fuji located?
a) South Korea b) North Korea c) Japan d) China
The Yangtze River is
a) the longest river in Asia b) 2nd longest in Asia c) 2nd longest in the World d) 4th longest in Asia
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes in East Asia are
a) not a problem b) caused by warm ocean currents c) from monsoon winds d) caused by the movement of Earth's tectonic plates
Winds from the Gobi Desert bring
a) Dust storms to China and Mongolia b) Monsoons to China c) Largest snow drifts in Asia d) Acid Rain to China
East Timor, Philippines, and Indonesia are all countries best described as
a) Interior b) Insular c) Landlocked d) Highland
Which physical characteristics of East Asia forms a natural barrier between Mongolia and China
a) Qin Ling Mountains b) Pamirs c) Atlay Mountains d) Rockies
The only landlocked country in East Asia
a) Bangladesh b) Mongolia c) Peru d) Singapore
Which river forms a border between Thailand and Laos?
a) Eagle b) Roaring Fork c) Mekong d) Nile
Roughly what percent of Southeast Asia countries are islands?
a) 20% b) 50% c) 70% d) 90%
Which of the following nations in Asia are a leading producer of Petroleum and a current member of OPEC
a) Vietnam b) Malaysia c) Indonesia d) Singapore
Indonesia is made up of roughly how many islands?
a) 13 b) 1,350 c) 13,500 d) 30,000
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