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All but one of the items listed are ways our Respiratory System is designed to defend against pollutants in the air. Click on the one that is INCORRECT.
a) Passed out through the intestines b) Breathed out again c) Coughed up d) Trapped by mucus
Filters air to remove dirt.
a) Nose b) Vocal Cords c) Diaphragm d) Alveoli
Tissues that vibrate to produce sound.
a) Vocal Cords b) Pharynx c) Bronchial Tree d) Epiglottis
Airways that take air to the bottom of the lungs...
a) Bronchial Tree b) Pharynx c) Nasal Cavity d) Trachea
The main breathing muscle is the...
a) Diaphragm b) Stomach c) Lungs d) Heart
Contains thousands of tiny air sacs...
a) Lungs b) Trachea c) Alveoli d) Capillaries
Where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves the blood...
a) Alveoli b) Lungs c) Bronchial Tree d) Nasal Cavity
What waste does the Respiratory System get rid of?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Urine
Alveoli are tiny air sacs covered in capillaries.
a) True b) False c) d)
The job of the epiglottis is to block food from entering the windpipe.
a) True b) False c) d)
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