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Which of the following are common in a theocracy?
a) Written constitution b) Elections and voting c) State ownership of all assets d) Censorship and religious laws
Which of the following is NOT a primary purpose of government?
a) Maintain social order b) enforce bedtimes c) provide public services d) ensure national security
What is a democracy?
a) The government is chosen by the people b) One person is in charge c) Religion is the basis of the law of the land d) There is no established form of government
Governments that are chosen by the people are
a) Theocracies b) Democracies c) Dictatorships d) Absolute monarchies
The governments of the US, Great Britain and Mexico all have...
a) Dictators b) Monarchies c) Democracies d) Religious government leaders
One example of people having power in a limited government is....
a) Opposition of government is to be punished b) Those who do not practice the prescribed religion are executed c) People's individual freedoms are suspended d) Revolution can be justified under certain circumstances
A country that holds annual elections for its leaders has a _____ government.
a) Limited b) Unlimited c) Theocracy d) Absolute monarchy
Newly independent governments facing internal struggles will often turn to this type of government;
a) One-party dictatorship b) Constitutional monarchy c) Limited government d) Democracy
If the government punishes those who criticize it, it is likely to be a:
a) Democracy b) Dictatorship c) Totalitarian Dictatorship d) Both B and C
A limited government...
a) Has limits on the government's power b) Gives power to the people c) Guarantees individual rights d) All of the above
If the government controls all of the media in a country, what type of government is it?
a) Democracy b) Republic c) Totalitarian Dictatorship d) Constitutional Monarchy
What is a theocracy?
a) People elect representatives to make decisions on their behalf b) People vote on laws directly c) A religious leader has absolute power d) A dictator has absolute power
A dictator controls all aspects of the ____ while a totalitarian dictator controls all aspects of _____ AND _____.
a) Government; Religion, Government b) Government; Society, Government c) Society; Government, Religion d) Society; Government, Society
Which of the following is NOT a limited form of government?
a) Democracy b) Republic c) Constitutional Monarchy d) Dictatorship
Sovereignty refers to...
a) Government b) The President c) The government's right to rule d) A theocracy
Which is the best example of the government maintaining social order?
a) Providing law enforcement b) Assisting those with financial hardships c) Making a new law d) Opening a new school
Which is NOT an example of the government providing public services?
a) Opening a new park b) Commissioning new CIA agents c) Providing social security benefits for seniors d) Providing constables patrolling neighborhoods to promote safety
Which of the following countries does NOT have democratically elected leaders?
a) North Korea b) United States c) Mexico d) Canada
Which of the following systems of government has only one leader?
a) Republic b) Democracy c) Constitutional Monarchy d) Totalitarian Dictatorship
Systems where citizens vote on laws and issues directly are called:
a) Representative democracies b) Direct democracies c) Constitutional Monarchies d) Constitutional Dictatorships
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