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What religion is a belief that people could find peace if they could reject greed and desire?
a) Buddhism b) Hinduism c) Shintoism d) Confucianism
the priest of the Buddhist religion is called _______.
a) Allah b) Nirvana c) Buddha d) Confucius
What is the learning that results in ultimate understanding of nature?
a) Enlightenment b) Nirvana c) Karma d) Moksha
What is the state of enlightenment where one can have happiness and peace?
a) Reincarnation b) Nirvana c) Enlightenment d) Karma
What is the belief that the soul does not die with the body, but enters the body of another being, either person or animal?
a) Nirvana b) Reincarnation c) Karma d) Kami
What is the holy book of Buddhism called?
a) Bible b) Quran c) Tripitaka d) Tamauld
The good and bad behavior determines his or her position in life is called ________.
a) Moksha b) Kami c) Reincarnation d) Karma
The freedom from the cycle of reincarnation is called ___________.
a) Moksha b) Karma c) Enlightenment d) Kami
What is a belief that a social class is inherited?
a) Kami b) Buddhism c) Caste System d) Nirvana
The spirit of god in the Shinto religion is called _____________.
a) Kami b) Karma c) Moksha d) Nirvana
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