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The mural was painted with a _____ of colors.
a) multitude b) multiply c) multimedia d) multidisciplinary
A population in a _____ can exceed 20 million.
a) megalopolis b) multiply c) multimedia d) Megalosaurus
The _____ form and singular form of fish are the the same.
a) plural b) pluralism c) multitude d) multidisciplinary
My teach plans _____ lesson that involve more than one subject at a time.
a) multidisciplinary b) multimedia c) megalopolis d) multitude
The _____ society built shrines to each of its gods.
a) polytheistic b) plural c) megalopolis d) pluralism
_____ literally translates to big lizard.
a) Megalosaurus b) megalopolis c) multiply d) polygon
_____ is increasing in communities as more and more people move from other countries to the U.S.
a) pluralism b) plural c) polytheistic d) megolopolis
Computers are _____ tools, providing information in various formats such as video, text, and photos.
a) multimedia b) multidisciplinary c) multiply d) multitude
We had to classify _____ based on the number of sides they had.
a) polygons b) polywogs c) polytheistic d) polyester
He knew his responsibilities would _____ after his promotion.
a) multiply b) multidisciplinary c) multimedia d) multitude
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