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temporary storage place for print jobs waiting to be printed
a) b) Print spooler c) d)
computer or small electronic device that controls a printer or printers
a) Print server b) c) d)
optical device that turns an analog picture into digital data
a) Scanner b) c) d)
Small Computer Systems Interface; channel for connecting multiple devices to the system bus and using daisy-chaining technology; uses ID numbers to identify devices on the bus and terminators on each end of the chain to stop unwanted feedback
a) b) SCSI c) d)
the transmission of one bit of data at a time over a single wire
a) b) Serial c) d)
removable storage media that contains portable applications
a) b) c) Smart Card d)
a coil of wire that when energized acts like a magnet
a) b) Solenoid c) d)
a type of laser printer that uses wax instead of toner to create the image on the page
a) Solid Ink Printer b) c) d)
troubleshooting method for a printer to tell if the printer is able to print or to get data from the computer
a) b) Test page c) d)
electrically charged particles used in laser printers and copiers to create the image on the printed page
a) b) Toner c) d)
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