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wireless transmission like used in television remotes and needs an unobstructed line of sight to operate
a) Infrared b) c) d)
output device that splatters ink onto the printed page through ink nozzles
a) b) c) Inkjet Printer d)
output device that uses a laser to produce an image on a charged photosensitive drum; toner is added, transferred, and fused onto the printed page
a) b) c) Laser Printer d)
the reddish color, M, used in the CMYK printing process
a) Magenta b) c) d)
materials that hold data either on a printed page or storage material
a) Media b) c) d)
the pathway that the paper takes to get through a printer
a) b) c) Paper path d)
the transmission of a byte of data at a time simultaneously over 8 wires
a) b) parallel c) d)
an external transformer that converts standard AC voltage into that needed by portable electronic devices
a) b) c) d) Power adapter
the part of a printer that applies the ink to the paper
a) b) c) Print head d)
the inked tape that transfers the image to the page in an impact printer
a) b) Print ribbon c) d)
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