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This passage is classified as
a) A historical fiction. b) B realistic fiction. c) C nonfiction. d) D drama.
2. Which statement best summarizes the life of James J. Kilroy?
a) A He was a courageous soldier during World War II who painted patriotic slogans throughout the world. b) B He worked in a shipyard and accidentally created a patriotic phenomena by painting his name on the ships heading for war. c) C He was an imaginary character created by the United States government to promote support for the war. d) D He held an annual contest to find the most patriotic individual during World War II.
3. Why would someone read this passage?
a) A to learn a little history about an American icon b) B to get a complete history of World War II c) C to learn how effective the United States Navy was during World War II d) D to examine how customs are passed down from generation to generation
4. What was James J. Kilroy’s occupation?
a) A a ship inspector b) B a soldier c) C a riveter d) D a professional painter
5. According to the passage, anyone who painted the “Kilroy was here” slogan was a/an —
a) A traitor. b) B riveter. c) C American hero. d) D graffiti artist.
a) ---- b) - c) - d) -
a) - b) - c) - d) -
a) - b) - c) - d) -
a) - b) - c) - d) -
a) --- b) - c) - d) -
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