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a short-range wireless technology that allows computer and internet devices to talk to each other; these devices must comply with the Bluetooth Special Interests Groups testing.
a) b) c) Bluetooth d)
adjustment done to printers and scanners to align them because of their analog components
a) b) c) Calibrate d)
supplies that get used up or worn out
a) b) c) d) consumables
the blue-ish green color that is used in the 4 part CMYK printing process
a) cyan b) c) d)
software or hardware used in troubleshooting to tell if devices are failing
a) b) c) d) diagnostics
impact printer type that used a grid of dots to form the characters on the printed page
a) b) c) dot matrix d)
small programs that tells the operating system how to work with a certain peripheral device
a) b) Drivers c) d)
the IEEE 1394 standard for transferring digital audio and video at speeds of up to 400 Mbps; used mostly in digital cameras.
a) b) Firewire c) d)
software that is programmed into read-only memory chips that do not lose contents when the power is removed
a) b) c) Firmware d)
output device that used some type of firing pin powered characters striking an inked ribbon to place images on the printed page
a) b) c) Impact Printers d)
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