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_____, the son of a Comanche chief and an Anglo American woman who had been captured as a child, was one of several chiefs who opposed the Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty and refused to move onto a reservation.
a) Quanah Parker b) railroads c) Quaker d) Kicking Bird
In 1869 President Ulysses S. Grant appointed Lawrie Tatum, a _____, as the federal agent in Indian Territory for the Kiowa and Comanche people.
a) Quaker b) railroads c) Samuel Colt's d) Quanah Parker
The peace treaties with Native Americans failed because _____.
a) neither side was fully committed to following the treaties b) Native Americans c) railroads d) Samuel Colt's
The Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek required the U.S. government to give Native Americans large amounts of land for _____.
a) reservations b) Native Americans c) Samuel Colt's d) railroads
Under the Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek, Native Americans agreed to stop their opposition to the construction of _____ across the plains.
a) railroads b) Native Americans c) Samuel Colt's d) Medicine Lodge Creek
In 1867 the U.S. government signed three treaties at _____ with five Native American groups in hopes of bringing peace on the plains.
a) Medicine Lodge Creek b) Native Americans c) Samuel Colt's d) railroads
Before the invention of _____ six-shot pistol, Native Americans had an advantage in weaponry over U.S. troops.
a) Samuel Colt's b) Native Americans c) Medicine Lodge Creek d) railroads
During the Civil War, many pioneers in West Texas were forced to abandon their homes due to attacks from _____
a) Native Americans b) Samuel Colt's c) Medicine Lodge Creek d) railroads
_____ was a Native American leader who supported the Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty because he believed that adapting to the new settlers' ways was their only hope.
a) Kicking Bird b) Quaker c) Quanah Parker d) railroads
Many reservations were located in the Indian Territory, which is present-day _____.
a) Oklahoma b) Quaker c) Kicking Bird d) Texas
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