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Relating to family
a) especially b) kin c) ornery d) sacrifice
A particular choice
a) alias b) copacetic c) kin d) especially
It's all good!
a) Copacetic b) ornery c) alias d) conclusions
a) conclusions b) copacetic c) kin d) ornery
Something difficult
a) especially b) alias c) sacrifice d) conclusion
Ma! Pa! Uncle Billy-Bob!
a) copacetic b) sacrifice c) alais d) Kin
Problem free!
a) sacrifice b) copacetic c) especially d) ornery
A pet cat that always comes home scratched up from fighting
a) especially b) copacetic c) ornery d) alias
Giving your friend the last Oreo cookie in your lunch!
a) sacrifice b) alias c) conclusion d) copacetic
the end
a) ornery b) alias c) conclusion d) especially
A smart thief will have one
a) copacetic b) alias c) kin d) ornery
An frustrated thief will be described as this
a) ornery b) conclusions c) kin d) especially
A thief with a sister has this
a) sacrifice b) conclusion c) kin d) alias
A thief who gives away the loot has made this
a) sacrifice b) kin c) conclusion d) ornery
If you get really, really upset over all these questions about thieves , you're probably this
a) alaias b) especially c) copacetic d) ornery
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