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_______________- to put a color, gradient, or pattern into an object.
a) Gradients b) Fill c) Patterns d) Color Tone
___________ a repeated (tiled) decorative design.
a) Swatches b) Open Path c) Stacking Order d) Patterns
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of vector graphics:
a) Lower quality than raster images b) Scalable c) Limited in the type of effects that can be applied d) Time Consuming
Which of the following is not a pathfinder option:
a) Unite b) Scroll Forward c) Minus Back d) Minus Front
______________ uses the boundaries of an area created by dragging a marquee with the type tool to control the flow of text.
a) Text Wrap b) Type on Path c) Area Type d) Point Type
This common vector file format works well with web page design:
a) Windows Metafile b) Role Playing Graphic c) Scalable Vector Graphics d) Adobe Illustrator
James is drawing circles that are all filled with a pattern. He wants to change the pattern to a solid fill. Which type of graphics is he editing?
a) Raster Graphics b) JPEG Graphics c) TIFF Graphics d) Vector Graphics
The Charlotte Knight's have opened up a new stadium. Their logo needs to be resized to fit on flyers, posters, and billboards. To maintain the graphic quality when scaled the logo should be created as a:
a) JPEG Graphic b) PNG Graphic c) Vector Graphic d) Raster Graphic
Bob is drawnig a diagram to lay out his vegatable garden. He uses paths to show where the rows will be planted. At the start and end of each path there is a/an:
a) Anchor Point b) Line Segment c) Path d) Smart Guide
________________ selects an object or a group of objects.
a) Selection Tool b) Smart Guides c) Stacking Order d) Stroke
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