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A high, rocky cliff jutting out into the sea is a...
a) promontory b) barren c) mountain d) auspicious
A rapier is...
a) Eminem b) a Knife c) a machete d) a sword
Conversation; debate means...
a) rapier b) discourse c) promontory d) auspicious
if something is favorable, promising or good luck, we can say it is...
a) discourse b) jocund c) auspicious d) barren
Troubled or frustrated means:
a) deity b) discourse c) vexed d) barren
A ​god or ​goddess is called:
a) auspicious b) deity c) jocund d) discourse
The money given or received as payment for a service or loss or injury is called:
a) compensation b) vigilance c) deity d) auspicious
If a land is infertile, we can say it is...
a) deity b) auspicious c) rapier d) barren
Watchfulness means :
a) jocund b) vigilance c) deity d) compensation
if you are in a ​happy ​mood, you feel...
a) vexed b) vigilance c) jocund d) barren
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