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Which of these is the name for the forces that break down rock into smaller pieces?
a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Photosynthesis d) Rock Cycle
Which of these is the name for the forces that move bits of rock to other places?
a) Weathering b) Rock Cycle c) Sedimentary d) Erosion
This is what is left when a Sea Arch collapses, leaving a spire behind.
a) Headland b) Sea-Cut Platform c) Sea Stack d) Beach
This is a seaside cliff that is constantly hit by large waves.
a) Headland b) Sea Stack c) Arch d) Sea-Cut Platform
This is a flat area of sediment spread near the water's surface after being knocked off of a headland.
a) Sea Stack b) Headland c) Arch d) Sea-Cut Platform
The action of wind or water dropping the sediment it carries.
a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Deposition d) Construction
What is formed when a sea cave is extended all the way through a headland.
a) Sea Stack b) Arch c) Sea-Cut Platform d) Peninsula
The waters where a river meets the sea. Partially salty, partially fresh, fairly shallow.
a) Estuary b) Delta c) Lagoon d) Salt Flat
The area at the mouth of a river that deposits sediment, building land and splitting the river.
a) Estuary b) Delta c) Brackish d) Salt Flat
When does weathering and erosion take place?
a) During a rainstorm. b) When the wind blows. c) When water freezes. d) All the time.
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