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Saliva changing carbohydrates into sugar, stomach acids breaking protein into amino acids are
a) chemical digestion b) mechanical digestion c) examples of peristalsis d) mutations of genes
Teeth breaking food, stomach muscles squeezing food are examples of
a) mechanical (physical) digestion b) chemical digestion c) indigestion d) vomiting
Chemical digestion turns carbohydrates into
a) simple sugars b) amino acids c) fatty acids d) proteins
One danger of damaged/broken/ cut skin
a) infection b) perspiration c) cramping d) mutation
What system supports the body?
a) skeletal b) muscular c) nervous d) endocrine
Where do cells come from?
a) the reproduction (dividing) of pre-existing cells b) the cell stork c) air d) the cell store
New cells that are most different from their parent cells are the result of
a) a cell splitting b) cells dividing during regeneration c) budding d) sperm fertilizing egg
Sperm fertilizing an egg (ovum or ova) is
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) binary fission d) regeneration
Genetic material found in the nucleus codes for
a) traits b) gravity c) oxygen d) extinction
Inherited traits are controlled by ______ on chromosomes in the nucleus.
a) genes b) tissue c) electricity d) enzymes
The function of a gene is to determine or govern
a) traits b) breathing c) voluntary actions d) energy
Camouflage, sharp teeth, protective shells, are advantages that help organisms survive in their environment know as
a) adaptations b) dominant traits c) genotypes d) generations
Over many generations, wolves have been bred by people into domesticated dogs such as terriers and chihuahuas through
a) artificial selection (selective breeding) b) natural selection c) gene therapy (genetic engineering) d) asexual reproduction
Plant growth toward LIGHT is called
a) geotropism b) phototropism c) gravitropism d) precipitation
Plants are geotropic (gravitropic), roots grow down while stems grow upward. This is a response to the pull of ___.
a) gravity b) the sun c) water d) air
Plants that are phototropic, such as those leaning toward a sunny window, bend toward ____.
a) light b) gravity c) heat d) glass
Populations migrate for several reasons. One reason they migrate is to find or follow
a) mates b) open space c) food d) snow
Which is the body's response to germs in the lungs? (to maintain homeostasis)
a) vomit b) fever c) sweat (perspiration) d) feeling of hunger
Mitochondria absorb oxygen while transforming energy , which releases carbon dioxide
a) like your heart b) like your brain c) like your lungs d) like your muscles
A plant cell has an organelle that turns sunlight into food, this organelle is called a
a) chloroplast b) nucleus c) mitochondrion d) cell wall
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