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skeleton of main ideas and details used to organize writing
a) bold print b) outline c) italicized print d) captions
topic or main idea of the text
a) outline b) subheading c) title d) index
explanations for visuals in text
a) captions b) key terms c) index d) footnotes
dark print in text to show important words
a) captions b) epilogue c) bold print d) glossary
slanted print
a) bibliography b) diagram c) italicized print d) key terms
mini-dictionary in text
a) glossary b) bibliography c) diagram d) footnotes
detail that supports a more important detail or topic
a) table of contents b) visual graphics c) epilogue d) subheading
an alphabetical list of topics, people, or titles, giving the location of where they are mentioned in the text
a) glossary b) bold print c) index d) prologue
words you need to konw to better understand the information
a) key terms b) footnotes c) captions d) diagram
a note at the bottom of the page giving more information about something mentioned in the text above
a) epilogue b) footnotes c) index d) title
a short chapter or section at the end of a literary work
a) prolague b) glossary c) epilouge d) diagram
a photograph, picture, chart, or graph that displays information
a) index b) key terms c) captions d) visual graphics
appears at the end of book or text; lists of sources used
a) bibliography b) prologue c) subheading d) outline
an introductory passage or speech before the main action of the text
a) diagram b) captions c) prologue d) glossary
a visual graphic that shows the basic layout or working of something
a) subheading b) captions c) table of contents d) diagram
found in the front of text; a list of units or chapters
a) table of contents b) index c) footnotes d) outline
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