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What year did apartheid start
a) 1948 b) 1952 c) 1994 d) 1991
What are homelands
a) large cities where blacks could vote b) small communities where all groups lived c) nice areas where whites lived d) large overcrowded areas where blacks were forced to live
What happened in 1994
a) FW DeKlerk became president b) apartheid began c) apartheid ended d) Mandela became president
How many groups of people did South Africa have
a) 4 b) 2 c) 3 d) 10
Besides White and black, what were the two other groups
a) mixed and asian b) asian and indian c) indian and mixed d) European and asian
What rights did Black South Africans NOT have
a) right to vote b) right to live in homelands c) right to carry a passport d) right to be labeled
About How many years did Apartheid last
a) 100 b) 90 c) 50 d) 20
Who as the first black president in South Africa
a) Nelson Mandela b) ML King c) Desmond TuTu d) FW DeKlerk
Who was the white president who helped end Apartheid
a) Nelson Mandela b) Desmond TuTu c) FW DeKlerk d) Rosa Parks
What is Apartheid
a) racial segregation in S. Africa b) large overcrowded areas where blacks were forced to live c) right to vote for all South Africans d) a word that means united
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