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the word Jihad literally means...
a) Violence b) Love c) Faith d) Struggle
Islam has five of these that are the foundations of the faith
a) Pillars b) Priests c) Mosques d) Prophets
Muslims are expected to pray this many times a day
a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 d) Every hour
Islamic Code of Laws
a) Constitution b) Sharia c) Talmud d) None of the Above
Islamic Holy book
a) Torah b) Talmud c) Bible d) Quran
A Caliph is...
a) A type of bread b) A type of hat c) A form of writing d) An islamic leader seen as the successor of Muhammed
Term for an Islamic House of Worship
a) Synagogue b) Temple c) Mosque d) None of the Above
Radical Fundamentalist sect of Sunni Islam found mostly in Saudi Arabia
a) Shia b) Sunni c) Wahhabism d) None of the Above
Second largest of the two major sects of Islam
a) Shia b) Sunni c) Wahhabism d) None of the Above
Which of the following is the largest sect of Islam
a) Shia b) Sunni c) Wahhabism d) None of the above
What is the Islamic term for God?
a) Allah b) Jesus c) Yahweh d) Elijah
A Hadj is...
a) A cool hat b) A type of food c) A religious pilgrimage (trip) d) An earth house
The founding prophet of Islam
a) Muhammed b) Hammurabi c) Jesus d) Moses
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