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What is radiation
a) the particles that are released from the nucleus during radioactive decay b) the particles that have unstable protons c) the particles that have electrons d) the particles that can penetrate any thickness of matter
What is a half-life
a) the TIME it takes for half of a sample of a radioactive substance to decay b) half of a radioactive substance c) half of a beta particle d) half of a gamma particle
During Alpha Particle Radiation what particles are emitted
a) Two protons and two neutrons b) Two Neutrons c) Two Electrons d) One proton and one neutron
What types of radiation ionize
a) Alpha, Beta and Gamma b) Alpha, Beta and neutron emission c) Beta and Gamma d) Alpha and Gamma
The process of splitting a nucleus into two or more fragments and energy is released
a) Fission b) Fusion c) Neutron emission d) Mass energy
During this type of radiation process the atomic number and mass are not changed
a) Gamma Radiation b) Alpha Particle Radiation c) Beta Particle Radiation d) Neutron Emission
When a neutron is emitted from an atom the process is called
a) Neutron Emission b) Gamma Radiation c) Alpha Particle Radiation d) Beta Particle Radiation
When atoms are combined to form heavier atoms
a) Fusion b) Fission c) Neutron Emission d) Mass Energy
Beta Particle Radiation
a) A neutron becomes a proton when emitted b) Two protons and two neutrons are emitted c) Two neutrons are emitted d) Two protons are emitted
This type of radiation is a helium atom with electrons
a) Alpha Particle Radiation b) Beta Particle Radiation c) Gamma Radiation d) Neutron Emission
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