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Which two countries in the eurozone were deeply in debt and helped by the othe Eurozone nations in 2010?
a) Turkey and Romani b) Germany and France c) Greece and Ireland d) Switzerland and Italy
How much has trade increased among European nations since 2002?
a) 1 percent b) 10 percent c) 50 percent d) it has not increased at all
Why have countries such as Great Britain and Denmark not adopted the Euro?
a) they do not like the way that the paper money and coins look b) they believe it might result in a loss of control over their own economies c) they believe that their own currency is worth far more than the Euro d) they would rather adopt the American dollar as an official currency
Many immigrants are Muslims, with cultural and religious practices that differ from those of their Christian neighbors.
a) True b) False c) d)
How many nations were a part of the EU by 2010?
a) 50 b) 10 c) 27 d) 100
Which of the following is an example of a European country that has chosen not to join the EU because it does not want to give upt its sovereignty?
a) France b) the United Kingdom c) Germany d) Norway
How many immigrants enter European countries illegally each year?
a) about half a million b) over a million c) about 50,000 d) about five million
Most immigrants have come to Europe to seek a better life
a) True b) False c) d)
Tensions have sometimes developed between immigrants and native citizens because these two groups do not want the same jobs.
a) True b) False c) d)
The aging population trend in Europe created a need for more workers to replace the many senior citizens who were retiring.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of the following is NOT a reason why Europe has an aging population trend?
a) Europeans have been living longer because of better meidcal care b) most families are having fewer children c) immigrants are coming to Europe from other countries in order to have a better lif d)
What type of government do young people in eastern European countries favor?
a) communism b) democracy c) dictatoriship d) authoritarian
How did the economies of the former Communist countries in eastern Europe change?
a) they changed form government-controlled economies to market economies b) they changed from supply-deman economies to mercantil economies c) they changed from market economies to socialist economies d) they changed from communist economies to western economies
Which of the following is NOT an eastern European country that has developed a stable dmocratic government since gaining its independence?
a) Poland b) Hungary c) Czech Republic d) Yugoslavia
What is the hot, dry climate in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, France, Italy, and Greece ideal for growoing
a) root vegetables such as turnips b) olives, tomatoes, and garlic c) potatoes and rice d) tropical fruites such as grapefruits, mangoes, and peaches
What grow well and are popular side dishes in Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland?
a) tomatoes b) beans c) potatoes d) grapes
How is Eastern Europe's climate and growing season different than Western Europe?
a) Eeastern Europe has a colder climate and shorter growing season b) Eastern Europe has a warmer climate and longer growing season c) Eastern Europe does not receive as much rainfall to grow enough crops d) Eastern Europe receives too much rainfall that often drowns crops
What did Johannes Gutenberg invent in the 1450s that helped spread the popularity of books
a) the type writer b) the copy machine c) the printing press d) the paperback book
What did many of the written works of the Renaissance focus on?
a) religious subjects b) human behavior c) long, epic poems about heroes d) philosophy
What inspired the movement toward democracy in Europe in the mid-1700s?
a) Enlightenment ideas about reason and government b) emotional novels about revolution c) the epic poems of ancient Greece and Rome d) the plays of William Shakespeare
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