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What did the U.S. decide to do at beginning of war?
a) remain neutral b) fight alongside Germany c) fight alongside France d) provide weaponry
How did the U.S. hope to benefit?
a) save lives b) save money c) sell to both sides, profit from each d) become friends with countries invloved
What was the immediate cause of WWI?
a) the Lusitania sinking b) the Archduke getting assasinated c) expanding Army/Navy d) imperialism
What increased tensions with Germany?
a) Zimmerman Telegram b) sinking of Lusitania c) Russian Revolution d) all of the above
What happens after WWI?
a) U.S. was economically devastated. b) France becomes world power. c) U.S. becomes world power. d) Germany becomes world power.
What does Russia do after Russian Revolution?
a) withdraws from war under treaty of Brest-Litovsk b) fights in WWI c) sides with France d) sides with U.S.
What nation has to take responsibility for war?
a) Russia b) France c) U.S. d) Germany
What country does not join League of Nations?
a) France b) U.S. c) England d) Austrailia
What must Germany pay?
a) reparations b) refunds c) medical bills for other countries d) weaponry supplies reimbursement
What party takes over after the Russian Revolution?
a) the Democrats b) the Republicans c) the Bolsheviks d) the Communists
Disarmament means ____________________________.
a) less military, less weapons (reduce) b) less military, more weapons c) more military, less weapons d) none of the above
What did France call American soldiers?
a) Pillsbury boys b) fat boys c) doughboys d) slender boys
Combat in WWI was mainly fought in _________________.
a) lowlands b) the foothills c) fields d) trenches
Meatless Mondays and Wheatless Wednesdays refers to ________________.
a) rationing b) gluttony c) starvation d) none of the above
Chief method for raising money during WWI was _________________.
a) Victory gardens b) gold bonds c) war (Liberty) bonds d) savings bonds
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