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Where was Thurgood Marshall born?
a) Georgia b) Maryland c) Tennessee d) Michigan
2) Civil rights for African Americans was important to Thurgood Marshall because...
a) He wanted to be a lawyer b) He enjoyed studying the United States Constitution c) He wanted to argue to cases in front of the Supreme Court d) He felt it was important to protect his rights and the rights of others
We remember Thurgood Marshall today because he
a) Grew up in Baltimore, Maryland b) Studied law at Howard University c) Knew the United States Constitution by heart d) Was the first African American judge on the Supreme Court
Marshall showed that he believed in justiceā€¦
a) Because he helped end segregation in schools b) Because he went to law school c) Because he was a Supreme Court judge d) Because he was born in Baltimore
5) He fought to end __________.
a) segregation b) tolerance c) crime d)
4. He became a lawyer of the _____________.
a) NAACP b) FCA c) NAP d)
How do you spell the state Thurgood Marshall was born in?
a) Maryland b) Merryland c) Muryland d) Marylend
Thurgood Marshall was a ____________.
a) Judge/lawyer b) chef c) teacher d) artist
Thurgood Marshall was in the _____________.
a) Supreme Court b) Congress c) Senate d) State Government
The Supreme Court helps...
a) decide if laws are fair for all citizens. b) make laws. c) make tests d)
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