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What is the function of the urinary system?
a) exchange gases with the cardiovascular system b) excrete metabolic wastes and regulate the content of blood c) transport nutrients, wastes, hormones, etc, d)
Which of the following is not an organ of the urinary system?
a) kidney b) urethra c) ureter d) eureka
What is the function of the urinary bladder?
a) filter blood b) produce urine c) store urine d) drain urine
What are the functional units of the kidneys?
a) ureters b) nephrons c) alveoli d) platelets
a) dhg b) c) d)
a) u b) c) d)
a) k b) c) d)
a) a b) c) d)
a) i b) c) d)
a) l b) c) d)
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