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______________ is the house that I built.
a) Who b) Which c) That d) Whose
The person __________________ brought the snacks should report to the kitchen .
a) who b) which c) whose d) whom
______________________ name is that on the building?
a) Who b) Which c) That d) Whose
I asked my sister _____________________ bed she wanted in the hotel room.
a) whom b) which c) that d) for
She is the kind of friend ___________ will never let you down.
a) which b) whom c) whose d) who
We saw the dog_________________ has one brown eye and one blue eye.
a) who b) whose c) that d) which
We want to buy the same car __________________ our neighbors have.
a) who b) whose c) that d) then
The man ___________________ beard is white reminds me of Santa Claus.
a) who b) that c) whose d) whom
Mary Ann saw a tree limb _________________ was about to break .
a) who b) which c) than d) whom
The house __________________ has the red shutters is where my brother will be living.
a) who b) whose c) who's d) which
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