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A very high level of calcium in the blood suggests a malfunction of the
a) parathyroid b) liver c) pancreas d) large intestine
Pituitary growth hormone can affect cells in various parts of the human body because the hormone is secreted directly into
a) the bloodstream b) glandular ducts c) muscle tissue d) the digestive tract
Gland A releases a hormone that makes gland B release estrogen. Gland A is most likely the
a) pituitary b) testis c) ovary d) thyroid
After a hormone enters the bloodstream, it is transported throughout the body, but the hormone affects only certain cells. The reason only certain cells are affected is that these cells have specific
a) receptors b) antibodies c) tissues d) neurons
The body normally responds to low concentrations of sugar in the body by secreting
a) glucagon b) insulin c) adrenaline d) estrogen
This endocrine gland would most be affected by a diet deficient in iodine.
a) thyroid b) parathyroid c) adrenal d) pineal
This gland secretes numerous hormones that directly regulate the activities of several other endocrine glands and tissues.
a) pituitary b) hypothalamus c) thyroid d) pancreas
This region of the brain functions as an endocrine gland by producing hormones that influence the activities of the pituitary gland.
a) hypothalamus b) pancreas c) medulla oblongotta d) cerebellum
This hormone is responsible for fight or flight.
a) Adrenaline b) Insulin c) Glucagon d) Testosterone
This gland secretes melatonin for sleeping.
a) pineal b) parathyroid c) pituitary d) pancreas
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